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As a business owner and entrepreneur, it's very important to me that at the end of each project we are proud of our work. I remember when I was 12 and my father would take me to construction sites with him, and give me small tasks so I would feel like a part of the crew. As I got older, the tasks got harder. But whether I was 12 or 50, my father would always emphasize to me that it was the quality of the work I did that day, not the quantity, which mattered most to him. And that still rings true for me today.

TDC is a boutique firm by design because we never want to lose control over the ability to deliver a quality experience and product for our clients. As your construction partner and/or property management choice, we consider ourselves stewards of your time, your money, your trust, and your project and treat them as if they were our own. And this stewardship approach to building projects - and relationships - has served us well for over 35 years.

We've made a lot of friends, built (and rebuilt) a lot of buildings, managed a lot of properties, and gained a lot of wisdom and experience over the decades. So much so, that I guess you could say we know real estate from the ground up. And we'd love to meet with you to see how we might be of service.



"When you first meet Tom you
think 'nice guy...' And he is.
But don't let him fool you. When
it comes to construction and
construction management,
he's as smart and tough as
they come..."

- L. Roberts
   Commercial Developer
   Plano, TX

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